Fassade Praxisklinik

Facade of the Praxisklinik

Praxisklinik Erdgeschoss

Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz

Solitär im Innenhof

Solitaire in the courtyard



The Praxisklinik has been fitted sensitively into the existent surrounding architecture, set opposite the Telekom tower – as its pendant – on the corner of Johannisplatz. The Telekom building’s motif of two-storey arcades has been adopted and continues along the second facade, although here the first floor is inserted behind them.

An optical counterweight to the corner was created by dividing the upper floors and the Argeton facade horizontally. It has been possible to achieve a flexible division of the practice areas and optimal practice sizes.

This pleasant architecture, high quality of construction, an easily accessible underground car park, and a friendly bistro create an ambience in the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz that offers agreeable working conditions for doctors and other staff, and makes patients feel relaxed and at home.

Opened at the beginning of September 2014, the new building in the courtyard of the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz is striking for its timelessly elegant appearance and a high-quality, dark-coloured natural stone façade. Two characteristic details of the free-standing structure realised according to plans by Leipzig-based architect Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Fischer are a green shed roof and a recessed, graduated top floor with glass façades and transparent balustrades. As a contrast to the dark natural stone façade, they give the new building an open and emphatically airy termination towards the roof. Another important element are the open green spaces in front of the new structure, generously provided with seating. With respect to its energy balance, the detached structure also meets the highest standards. Among other things, for example, the lost heat from the MRIs in the main building is used as teleheating by means of recuperative heat exchangers.