Medical Concept


Patient consultation

Anfahrt mit Liegendpatient

Arriving with a patient stretcher

Informations- und Leitsystem

Entrance Stairwell A

The expressed aim behind the medical concept of the Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz is to create an interdisciplinary, out-patient centre of specialist doctors providing diagnosis and treatment.

The treatment of patients encompasses all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures, and even includes short-term, post-operative care in supervised beds. Preventive medicine and physiotherapy or rehabilitation services are included. The group of specialist doctors at the Praxisklinik plans patient treatment in an integrative manner, i.e. across subjects and sectors, thereby working closely together with general practitioners and medical specialists at nearby surgeries, as well as with local in-patient facilities.

The doctors here are able to coordinate programmes of diagnosis and therapy in close cooperation. Patients thus have the advantage of experiencing the individual stages of treatment under different doctors without travelling long distances, and can avoid the time-consuming coordination of appointments.

The information and routing system installed in the Praxisklinik enables patients, doctors, staff, visitors and delivery companies to find – quickly and easily – the relevant practices, as well as other areas within the building complex.